Make taco night even more fun with authentic tortillas, rolled out and pressed in this 8-inch press. Simply place your dough in this kitchen tool, press down and you have the perfect base for building your taco, taco salad, quesadilla or even burrito.

Size: 9,25¨ x 8,46¨ x 1,69¨Inches


Material           Tinned grey iron: 95% Galvanized steel: 5%

Brand                 Corona

Color                   Silver

Finish Type       Tin-plated

Coating with a layer of tin with 99.96%
of purity. It is not harmful since tin is suitable for
use in the food industry

Before using your Corona tortilla machine for the first time, wash carefully all the pieces and dry them. Every time I use the tortilla maker, untie it completely, then wash it, clean it well and dry it; otherwise food particles that remain inside it can decompose producing bad smell and deterioration. For your safety when kneading, DO NOT INSERT YOUR FINGERS IN THE BASE

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