One of the most traditional ways to make coffee is the Moka Pot. This charming coffee maker was invented in 1933 by Luigi di Ponti and is still a vital part of coffee culture. This stove pot espresso maker shifted coffee culture from out of the house to inside the home, a ritual that is still enjoyed today in the morning, evening, or both! This stunning aluminum version of the Moka Pot is made in the original likeness, providing heritage and tradition to your coffee routine.

Sizes and cups

L36060 7,48¨ x 4,13¨ x 6,69¨ Inches
300 ml / 6 cups / 10.14 Oz
L36080 5,07¨ x 3,62¨ x 6,22¨ Inches
150 ml / 3 cups / 5.07 Oz
L36070 3,5¨ x 2,9¨ x 5,3¨ Inches
50 ml / 1 cup / 1.69 Oz



Material              Aluminum body and polypropylene hanlde and knob

Brand                   Universal

Color                   Silver

Finish Type       Aluminum with natural polishing

• Aluminum with natural polishing
• Handle and knob made of plastic
• Safety valve
• Filter

Do not use metal utensils on products, do not leave products on the stove without food inside.

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