Cooking the perfect rice is an art. So, perfect it with this 5-cup rice cooker. This non-stick layer keeps rice from sticking to the sides and bottom, or burning. A tempered glass lid allows you to monitor the process from afar, while the rice cooker does all the hard work. The best part? This rice cooker also has an automatic heating function, so you never have to worry about re-heating or overcooking your rice.

1 liter or 1,05 Qt
Length: 11,02¨ – Width: 9,05¨ – Height: 10,62¨Inches
Power : 400 W – Frequency: 60 Hz. – Voltage: 110-120 Vac

Material             Cold rolled steel sheet: 45% Aluminium: 25% Tempered glass: 10% Polypropylene: 10% Electrical parts: 10%

Brand                   Universal

Color                   Black

Finish Type       Black

Rice cooker of 5 cups, 1 liter or 1,05 Qt With aluminum vessel with double layer of non-stick, handles and heat-resistant accessories made of polypropylene, external aluminum steamer and tempered glass lid. Includes spoon and measuring cup. It has a cooking function and automatic heating function

Do not immerse the main body in water.

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